Aggressive students are blacklisted

Roditel magazine,

Aggressive students are blacklisted. This foresees a new order of the Ministry of Education, according to whichthe police should create a register in which the manifestations of violence are reflected, reported Nova TV.

In recent years, the Internet has been flooded with lamateur videos in which teenagers exert force on their classmates. Eleventh-grader Stoyan also witnessed similar scenes. And he has lost his temper, but he has never assaulted another student.

"They jumped at me. Aggression at school within certain limits is something normal, after all, we are people who are still growing, we make mistakes and this is a normal part of our lives", says Stoyan.

It is planned that every school will have a register from the new academic year. It will document the cases of violence, the participants in the prevention, and also the reaction of the educators.

For parents, it is important that school authorities not only defuse tensions, but also prevent further outbreaks of violence. "Most of all, to see what kind of qualification the teachers need in order to deal with such cases, and with this register the school can identify the need for a certain type of qualification", says Tsveta Brestnička from the "Parents" Association.

School psychologists fear that registering aggressive behavior behind children's names is a double-edged sword. "This stain remains, this register, as long as it exists, it's like saying in the police. You made a mistake, you got caught and you have a record and that's how it stays, no matter how good you are or how successful you are. I don't think there should be such blacklists, because they will hinder our development in the future", Verzhinia Traikova, pedagogical advisor and psychologist, believes.

The students do not believe that this will limit violence, whether physical or verbal.


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