A midwife tried to kill a 4-day-old baby by hitting him on the head with a bottle and suffocating him


The Sofia City Prosecutor's Office charged Emilia Kovacheva from Samokov with attempted murder of a 4-day-old child, the PRB press service reported.

Kovacheva hit him because he cried more than the other babies in the ward and that made her nervous, BNR reports, referring to the testimony of the 40-year-old woman during the police interrogation.

People close to the investigation explained that Kovacheva hit the baby with a fist and a bottle while passing by him. This was captured on video cameras, which showed her walking past the bin and hitting the child, and a minute later she began swaddling one of the three other newborns in the room.

The actions, which were repeated several times on the night of April 18, were told by forensic experts who watched the video recordings in front of the state radio. With the other babies, the midwife behaved normally and showed aggression only towards this child.


On April 14, a healthy and full-term child was born without complications at "Sofiamed" OOD hospital.

On 17.04.2015, Emilia Kovacheva was working at the "Sofiamed" OOD hospital in Sofia, day shift, as an obstetrician on duty. Kovacheva continued her work in the night shift - on 17/18.04.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX. in the same hospital.

On 18.04.2015 around 02.00:XNUMX am, the duty midwife Emilia Kovacheva started hitting the baby's head and body with numerous blows with her hands and a glass feeding bottle. She tried to suffocate the child by pressing her hands on his neck. As a result of these actions, she caused a severe brain-cranial injury to the child, representing a permanent, life-threatening general health disorder.

On 18.04.2015 in the morning, the obstetrician-gynecologist on duty found the child's low tone and prescribed examinations and treatment. Later that day, the baby's condition deteriorated - decreased muscle tone of the upper limbs, high fever, painful crying and evidence of head swelling. Immediately after that, the newborn was transferred for continued treatment to Tokuda Hospital - Sofia, where he is still being treated.

On April 21.04.2015, XNUMX, a medical team from Tokuda Hospital alerted the police about the child's condition. An investigation was immediately launched, numerous witnesses were questioned, physical and written evidence was seized, forensic medical examinations were appointed.

Kovacheva was indicted for committing on April 18.04.2015, XNUMX. attempted murder of the minor child, being, because of his age, in a helpless state. The act was carried out in a particularly painful manner and with particular cruelty.

The crime remained unfinished due to the highly qualified assistance provided by the doctors at the Tokuda Hospital in Sofia.

Emilia Kovacheva has been detained by a prosecutor's decree for up to 72 hours, and the prosecutor's office will file a request for her permanent detention in Sofia City Court.

The management of "Sofiamed" Hospital issued the following statement:

In connection with an internal inspection, "Sofiamed" UMBAL suspended its employee from his position for gross violations of official duties, professional ethics and morals. In order not to hinder the work of the competent authorities, who are informed in a timely manner, the "Sofiamed" UMBAL will not provide additional information at the moment. The medical facility provides full assistance in the case.

Deputy Health Minister Dr. Boyko Penkov commented on the case to Darik Radio. According to him, the child is already breathing freely and is not on mechanical ventilation.

The president of the association of health care professionals, Milka Vasileva, added that she felt shocked and could not explain the case. The most severe punishment in this case, according to Vasileva, is the deprivation of the right to practice the profession. However, this could be done after more extensive investigations into the incident were completed.

This is an unforgivable, inhuman act, the Ministry of Health states, and they also point out that the midwife's act is a criminal act for which responsibility must be sought.


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