Art workshops and competitions for children during the "Little Night" in Plovdiv

little night buoyantAssembling model airplanes, firing with a training catapult, literary readings, dancing and painting are just some of the colorful events that will be held by the Open Arts Foundation, the base organizer of the popular cultural "Night/Plovdiv" festival, of which is a media partner.

If your child likes to draw, he can participate with a drawing in the exhibition on the theme "My idea of ​​the Saint whose name I, mom or dad bear", in which a jury will award the first three drawings, and there will also be prizes for all small participants. The entertainment is organized with a starting time of 16:00 p.m. and will take place in the Icon Hall of the GHG Plovdiv.

With the same starting time, the program of "Little Night" includes a demonstration-workshop for children "Otchatak". With the help of pre-prepared templates, textile dyes and printing materials, five of the children from the audience will be able to print letters on a textile base that has been pre-prepared for the purpose.

Again, from 16:00 p.m., one of the most attractive events of the festival will take place in the form of a game and demonstration - launch with a training catapult at a height of up to 50 cm and a demonstration of radio-controlled airplane models. The event will be held in the village of Krumovo, Plovdiv Airport.

If you and your children like to play chess, you can join the first family chess tournament "Old Plovdiv". The game is designed for up to ten tandems (one child and one adult) according to the Swiss system in 5 rounds. The teams ranked in the first 3 places will receive prizes. The starting time of the tournament is 16:00 at 4 "Artin Gidikov" street, Hindliyan house.

Malkata Nocht will challenge the skillful children who love to create and create beauty in a "Kukino" workshop with author Veronika Predzarova. Doll making with recycled materials is organized there. All participants can take their old things with them and breathe new life into them - the place is "Zagreb" street, and the event is part of the program of Gallery A+ and starts at 17 p.m.

This fun is far from the only workshop on September 11th in the "Little Night" of the festival - the Regional Ethnographic Museum - Plovdiv promises fun hours in making figurines, flowers or animals. All inquisitive children will also be able to see an exhibition of koinobori - silken carp-wind vanes that are traditional to Japan and flutter over every Japanese house.

From 18:00 p.m. at 40 Soborna Street, the unique musical show "Jazz for Kids" will give young and old the opportunity to play and sing together with well-established jazz musicians. All participants will have the opportunity to learn about the different musical instruments and styles in jazz music. The project is educational and entertaining in nature.


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