I am a bad mother and I do not feed my child

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I am a bad mother and I do not feed my child. Or at least that's how I look in the eyes of a lot of people around me. What do I mean? I'm one of those moms who tries to keep waffles, chips, donuts, and jelly beans off my child's menu.

"Why are you depriving him?"

I must have heard this question at least a hundred times. Why am I depriving my three-year-old son of things that many consider vital - as if the child is born with some kind of overwhelming need to consume packaged foods and sugary products at least three times a day. And if you're not part of that rule, then you're different.

If you think I'm some demented health nut, you're wrong. Exactly the opposite - for years I myself have been a frequent customer of chains such as MC Donalds and KFC, I have not taken into account what is useful and what is tasty. This is how my life turned out, that after giving birth I became seriously ill. So heavy that I appreciate some things related to health. It was then that I discovered the huge importance of diet, how sugar affects the immune system and how important it is to replace chips and pizza by the slice with home cooked food.

As I taught myself to eat healthy, I also began to teach my child, who was at an age where he was learning about different foods and still building his eating habits. He got used to eating slices of apple, raisins, broccoli, peas, boiled potatoes every day, drinking freshly squeezed juice and not expecting me to offer him a waffle for breakfast.


Children learn from us

Believe me, children are not born with certain eating habits, they build them through their parents. If the child drinks a glass of cola every morning and eats packaged foods for breakfast, you will definitely "deprive" him if you deny him the usual menu after a while.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not advising anyone on how to raise their child, nor do I have that goal. All I want is to stop seeing the reproachful looks when I don't agree to swap fruit for doughnuts. Even my own mother secretly buys jelly beans and croissants when my child is with her because she thinks she's getting important nutrients that I'm particularly cruelly depriving him of. Or when I see the unmistakable look on the faces of other mothers who, with trembling hands, buy chips from the supermarket and generously offer them to my child.

I am aware that I cannot force feeding rules. When my son starts school, he will probably make his own choice and prefer hamburgers and pizzas. There is no way to stop this process then, but today, when he is three years old and eats mostly at home, it is important for me to provide him with a complete and healthy menu. After all, it was also at the cost of being "the bad mother who does not feed her child".

Author: Asya Georgieva

PARENT magazine – Roditel.bg


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