A Bulgarian girl beat over 100 children and won gold from the Mathematics Olympiad


Second-grader Bozhidara Amudzhieva from Yambol beat over 100 of her peers to win a gold medal at the Math Olympiad in Singapore. In less than a minute, she solves a task that would have made it difficult for upperclassmen, bTV reported.

At the Olympics in Singapore, he coped with 25 text problems and thus won first place.

For Bozhidar, mathematics is fun. He solves everything with ease and does not want to win at any cost. "She has a free and happy summer, doesn't solve so many tasks, doesn't go to lessons, so we didn't expect her to win," said her mother Didi.

Besides being the best mathematician in the world among her peers, the second-grader from the Yambol school "Lyuben Karavelov" draws, sings and dances. She wins competitions with her paintings, and her music videos are among the most watched.

Bozhidara's parents are engineers. Her mother and her classmate Slavena Petrova have the greatest credit for the girl's success.

Bozhidara's dream is to become an architect.


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