Baby names that are banned around the world

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Нова Зеландия

New Zealand's Department of Home Affairs prohibits any name that may make a child appear to hold an official position or rank. That is why names like Major, Duke and Princess have been banned since 2001 until now.



If your name is Violetta, you will definitely not be well received in Malaysia. This name is forbidden there, as parents are not allowed to name their children after animals, insects, fruits, vegetables or flowers.



German recommendations to parents are that "names should not lead to humiliation", so the names Hitler, Osama bin Laden and Kennedy are prohibited. Names that do not specify a person's gender are prohibited in Germany. Taylor, Riley, Quinn… is it a boy or a girl? Also, children cannot be named after objects or products.



The name "Albin" was used in protest against Sweden's strict naming laws. According to them, every first and last name must win the approval of the authorities before any child is christened with it. Additionally, the names Ikea and Metallica are also banned. Interestingly, according to Swedish law, there is no problem in naming your child Google.


Mona Lisa

This name is included in a 41-page list containing banned names in Portugal. Some of them are Pablo, Olaf, Nirvana.


Саудитска Арабия

Elaine, Laura and Sandy are specifically banned in Saudi Arabia because they fall under the category of names that "offend religious sensitivities", are associated with royalty or do not have Arabic/Islamic origins.

Jerusalem is an illegal name in Belgium, but Bethlehem is a possible alternative, as it is on the list of allowed names.



Akuma, which translates to "Devil", is banned in Japan, where babies only have 2 names.

Rambo is among the list of 61 banned names in Mexico. Other fictional characters such as James Bond and Harry Potter are also included in this list.


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