How to make your home child safe?

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The presence of a small child at home is a reason for a lot of joy, but also a reason for a lot of worries. Everything that until now seemed quite safe and in the order of things can be a source of serious threats after the birth of the baby. Babies' curiosity is very strong as they explore the world by trying to touch everything they see, especially in the toddler period.

Here are some of the most important things to pay attention to when we want to secure our home for the child:

1. Contacts
Electrical contacts are one of the most serious sources of danger for our child. And what's worse is that most children love to play right with them, pointing their little fingers into this forbidden zone. That's why - don't wait to see if your child has similar interests, but take action. Various plastic ones are sold in the market contact plugs, which are not expensive at all. Choose an option that is not too easy to remove - for example, one with two channels where the plug is inserted and the plug is removed by twisting.

2. Sharp edges
Sharp edges also carry their own risk of serious injury to the toddler. When he starts crawling and in the toddler period, tables and cabinets that have sharp edges become a huge threat to him. There are rubber protectors for sale that you can use. Either way, the child will continue to hit himself, but at least it won't be as painful.

3. Stoves and hotplates
Children are glued to the stove like a magnet, and we wonder how to explain to them that this is not a toy at all. More modern stoves have a locking option. However, if you do not have such an option, try to keep the child away from the kitchen and keep telling him that this appliance is dangerous. You can place a chair or other piece of furniture in front of the stove if your little heir persistently tries to get to it.

4. Staircase
If you live in a house or maisonette, securing the stairs is essential. That's what it's for good to put a grid, which is stable enough and cannot be opened by the child with one movement, which even small hands are capable of.

5. The cables
Cable biting is among the favorite pastimes of little children, especially during the teething period. Even the funniest colorful toys sometimes can't distract them from the delicious cable. Therefore, do so, that children do not have access to them, that the cables are sufficiently well hidden and not visible.

6. The windows
We should not even mention the terrible things that can happen if the sill is low and the window is open. Although they are not very popular in our country, they exist window stops, which do not allow them to be fully opened. They can also be used for balcony doors.

7. The medicine box
To children, anything that looks like candy can be anything but candy. The consequences can be fatal, therefore - make sure that the medicines are stored well and high enough.


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