75% of children under 4 have a mobile phone

child mobile phone

A recent study shows that 44 percent of one-year-olds and 77 percent of children under two years old already use a cell phone.

The study was conducted in Philadelphia and involved 350 parents.

  • 70 percent of them said no control the use of electronic gadgets from their children.
  • 65 percent of parents admitted that they give their mobile devices to their children, to be peaceful.
  • 25 % allow their children to go to bed with the phone.

Medical studies show that going to bed with a cell phone disturbs the child's sleep.

The results also showed that 90 percent of children under the age of 4 have used a mobile phone at least once, and 75 percent of them have a tablet, smartphone or iPad. Psychologists specify that the results are surprising and they do not yet know what consequences the technology will have on the rest of their lives. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises parents to use new technologies together and above all to limit their daily use. /BGNES


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