Episode 17 of "Masha and the Bear" - with record views on YouTube (VIDEO)

Masha and the Bear

The animated series "Masha and the Bear", beloved by millions of children around the world, achieved a record number of views on YouTube. Episode 17 of the series has achieved over a billion views, reports the Russian news agency "Novosti".

The episode "Masha+Kasha" is the first video in the Russian language that has been watched by so many users, says a representative of the studio that realizes the series. The episode tells about the adventures of the little girl Masha, who cooked too much delicious porridge, and then coped with the problem, getting help from the forest animals.

Some time ago, the Russian studio "Animacord" announced that episode 52, which is also available on the video-sharing site YouTube, will be the last of the series, which caused great disappointment, both for children and their parents. A little later, however, the studio announced that they had changed their plans and would realize a new third season of the hit animated series.

The animation is the only Russian series that has received such serious international recognition. The American magazine Animation Magazine included "Masha and the Bear" in a list of projects that have the potential to become future classics. At the Kidscreen Awards, the series was awarded in the "Creative Talent" category.


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