Georgi and Victoria are the most preferred names for newborns in our country

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Georgi and Victoria remained the most preferred names for their children by young parents last year, according to national statistics

In second place among boys' names the name Alexander ranks, which is the next most common male name. For girls, the name Maria is regaining its position, after a year ago it was replaced by Nicole, which now remains in third position. Two hundred and twenty-two girls in 2015 received the name Chrysia, probably because of the little singer who achieved serious success at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2014, while before that the name was not even among the twenty most popular.

The third most popular male name is Martin, and among the 20 most common names there are more Dimitar, Ivan, Nikolay, Nikola, Daniel. However, the top 20 is missing names like Jordan, Vasil, Todor, Stoyan, Atanas, which are some of the most common in men in general.

Again, the trend for females to have greater variety is followed, than in males. While 2977 types of names were used for girls last year, there were 2560 for boys.

In the top twenty most common female names are and Alexandra, Gabriela, Daria, Raya, Joanna, Sofia, Simona and Elena.

Most common male names continue to be George - 169 thousand people are called that, Ivan - 161, and Dimitar - 000. Followed by Nicholas - 125 thousand, Peter - 000 thousand, Hristo - 94 thousand, as well as Alexander, Stefan, Jordan , Vasil - over 75 thousand each. Of all men in the country, 61 million people, or 50%, have the 1.314 most common personal names.


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