Homeopathy for painful teething

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Painful teething can be a difficult time for both the baby and the whole family. The first tooth usually erupts when babies are between 5 and 7 months of age. For some children, teething is painless, but for others it is a process associated with pain and changes in eating and sleeping.

Complaints of painful teething

What will tell you that the baby is probably teething?

  • copious salivation
  • swollen and painful gums
  • refuses food
  • chews hard objects
  • irritability, tearfulness
  • sleep problems

Most pediatricians say that diarrhea, mild fever, and irritability are not related to teething, but for many mothers, these symptoms are common for their babies when they are about to erupt another tooth.

You should always see a doctor if your baby has symptoms that worry you or a rectal temperature of 38,5 or higher.

Homeopathic remedies for painful swollen gums

Teething can be treated at home with the help of some homeopathic remedies.
Homeopathy is a safe method of treatment that uses natural-based medicines and provides effective treatment for red, swollen gums, pain, soothes the baby and normalizes its sleep.

  • Chamomile is the most commonly used homeopathic remedy. The baby is nervous, angry, nothing can calm him down, constantly cries, screams and wants to be held constantly. He only stops crying when he is rocked in arms or if he is in a car (because passive movement soothes the pain). Painful teething is often accompanied by greenish diarrhea and/or ear pain.
  • Belladonna – red, very inflamed gums. A nervous, agitated child who cannot sleep. During teething, the child sometimes has a red throat or otitis with a high temperature.
  • Calcarea phosphorica – teeth come out very slowly, late and painfully. The first tooth usually appears after 10-11 months. A whining, whining child; it is impossible to be appeased. Teeth very quickly spoil soon after their appearance. A tall and thin child.
  • Mercurius solubilis – the child is constantly drooling, has bad breath, and has a coated tongue. The pain is often worse at night.
  • It pulsed – a crying child who is glued to his mother. She constantly wants to be in her lap and be comforted. The pain is relieved by sucking on cold plastic toys and when she is outside in the fresh air.

Author: Vasilka Yurukova


Dr. Vasilka Yurukova has been practicing homeopathy since 1998. He specialized in homeopathy at the Center for the Development and Training of Homeopathy in Bulgaria (CEDH Bulgaria, a branch of CEDH International), with subsequent trainings in homeopathy in Bulgaria, France and Germany, as well as in acupuncture in Great Britain. She is an international lecturer on homeopathy with remarkable experience in clinical homeopathic practice for children and adults.


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