Creative games for the child: colorful necklace with macaroni beads

colorful macaroni necklace3

Most children love to snack on pasta such as macaroni or bread. But few people know how many fun and colorful games we can make with them - like making a colorful necklace.

What do we need?

  • Raw macaroni or other type of pasta suitable for stringing
  • Paint for eggs
  • Plastic bags (preferably vacuum-sealed)
  • Kitchen roll
  • Wide pan
  • Cord or yarn

colorful macaroni necklace2

Way of working:

  1. Put the desired amount of macarons in each bag (the number of bags depends on the number of colors you want to use).
  2. Then pour the paint and close the envelope. Shake and mash well to coat all the pieces evenly.
  3. Remove the pasta and let it dry on the tray covered with kitchen paper.
  4. Once dry, you're ready for creative play by stringing the individual elements onto the string or yarn.

colorful macaroni necklace1

colorful macaroni necklace4

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