IKEA launches a new collection of games and toys


The new IKEA collection was created based on a global study of play habits around the world, which highlights the importance of parent-child play for the whole family

The new IKEA collection offers a variety of games and toys for fun at home and outdoors, for making music, for role-playing or board games for young and old, and even a mobile app so the whole family can keep playing remotely.

The collection is accompanied by 25 short animated stories created in partnership with the film company DreamWorks Animation. Each story aims to expand the imaginary world of the LATTJO characters. LATTJO characters are inspired by insects, roots, animals and plants and appear in individual products of the collection. The series will be available in IKEA stores from October 31, but you can already watch the first video accompanying the collection on IKEA's YouTube channel.

“We know the world wants and needs more play. With the help of our own research, we found that 50% of all adults want to discover the child in them and that children and their parents would like to play together more often," says Maria Torn, IKEA children's range manager. Nearly 30 people from all over the world participated in the IKEA Play Report global survey, more than 000 of them parents, 16 children and 000 youth. They answer questions related to the game and everyday life. IKEA analyzed the vast research material and produced a Gaming Report, which forms the basis of the newly created collection.


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