How a mother manages to include her deceased husband in family photos

family photo 1This is the story of Nicole Bennett and her family - a story that doesn't have a happy fairy-tale ending, but one that shows us the importance of not losing heart and remembering the best of the people we love who are no longer with us.

Nicole is pregnant with her second child when her husband dies unexpectedly. The shock of what happened is really huge, but the mother-to-be decides to find a way not to lose heart. Prior to the accident, the family had scheduled a photo shoot to take memory photos of the pregnancy together with their younger son. Instead of canceling the photo shoot, the mother-to-be decided to do something out of the ordinary and include her deceased husband in some way.


Bennett contacted photographer Sydney Conley, who offered to capture footage of her pregnancy, along with her 4-year-old son, and then digitally add in the footage and the dad.

"I loved this man very much. I wanted to make something special so that it would be there, not only in the family album, but also in the children's memories. These are memories for my son and for my future daughter, who will never have the happiness to hug him, to meet him", says Nicole.

"It would be very sad and painful for me to look at these pictures and he was gone. What we have created thanks to modern technology makes the photos look like my husband is with us, watching over us and protecting us.

I would advise all people not to belittle every day spent with their loved ones because life is unpredictable – hug those you value, tell them you love them and keep the memories and happy moments”.

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