Kalfin: The demands of the mothers are reasonable, but they will cost an additional BGN 1 billion

Currently, cash maternity benefits are received for 2/3 of children. If it is assumed that all children receive such, for example in the amount of BGN 60, this means nearly BGN 1 billion extra, explained Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labor and Social Policy Ivaylo Kalfin to Nova TV.

All mothers' requests make sense, but satisfying them is a matter of state policy and determining its priority areas. Without cutting from elsewhere, there is no way to fulfill their demands, he commented.

“We need to put all types of child payments on the table and see if there is a better way of distributing the funds. We will discuss this in early 2016,” Kalfin said. The minister has committed to meet the protesting parents soon and discuss with them the possibilities of changing the state policy regarding childcare.

"Social stability will exist when social inequalities decrease. This is a long-term problem that cannot be solved within a year. It is in the interest of the whole society that the gap between the people living in the greatest difficulties and those with the greatest incomes should be smaller," the Deputy Prime Minister also stated. He refuted the criticism from the BSP that there is a freeze on social payments and that it is going backwards.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy is one of the few that managed to fit into this year's budget, Kalfin said. “He wasn't big. If we did anything, it was because we started changes to child benefit payments, the pension system and so on. Collectability improved. Unfortunately, this did not happen in other sectors," he added.

Source: inews.bg


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