Mass checks for the safe transportation of children on May 6

car ride

Specialized police operations using the method of wide-ranging control throughout the country will be held on May 6, and they will mainly check the safety of children in cars, writes Dnevnik. This is one of the initiatives, part of the UN's third global road safety week with the motto "Save Children's Lives".

"The topic of children's safety on the road is a cause, not a political task," Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs Rumiana Bachvarova said at a press conference on the initiative. She expressed hope that the events during the week will leave a mark in the minds of all participants in the movement.

Last year, 33 children died in accidents, 1056 were injured. Minister Bachvarova hopes that this year their number will "sustainably be underestimated". According to the director general of the Bulgarian Red Cross, Krasimir Gigov, when a child dies on the road, it is never his fault, but everyone else's.

"In this aspect, we have to ask ourselves several questions - whether we educate the children enough, whether we are an example in real situations and whether we provide enough good conditions for movement," he said. Gigov added that preventive actions should not be accidental.


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