40 ways to build a healthy relationship with your children and show them you love them

healthy parent child relationship

1. Keep them entertained

2. Smile a lot

3. Look for them

4. Laugh at their jokes

5. Look them in the eye while talking to them

6. Play with them

7. Read to them

8. Set boundaries to keep them safe

9. Be honest with them

10. Listen to what they have to say

11. Hug them

12. Speak up when asked for advice

13. Surprise them

14. Share their excitement

15. Send them a letter or card

16. Appreciate a job well done or a result achieved

17. Give them your undivided attention

18. Pull back when necessary

19. Talk about their dreams and worries

20. Always answer their questions

21. Create traditions and keep them

22. Be responsive

23. Find common interests and hobbies

24. Listen to music and watch movies together

25. Hang their drawings at home

26. Always keep your promises

27. Point out what you like about them

28. Let them make mistakes

29. Ask for their opinion

30. Meet their friends

31. Give them a choice

32. Tell them stories from your childhood

33. Eat together

34. Show them how happy you are to see them

35. Kiss them

36. Encourage them to help others

37. Encourage more and criticize less

38. Show them you trust them

39. Help them learn new knowledge and skills

40. And last but not least – apologize if you are wrong, because parents are people too


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