The most beautiful bird (fairy tale)

the most beautiful bird

The most beautiful bird - a fairy tale by Georgi Raichev

Once upon a time, birds sent their children to study just like humans. They had their own schools. There the little birds learned how to fly faster, how to find food, how to make nests - and everything they needed in life.

A swallow and a crow lived nearby - they were neighbors. Once the swallow saw that the crow was hurrying somewhere.

"Where are you in such a hurry, neighbor?" the swallow asked her.

"Oh, leave it, neighbor!" said the crow worriedly. "I'm in a hurry to school, to take food to my little boy."

"Wait, neighbor," begged the swallow. "Come, let me give you to take food to my swallow too - I have a quick job, I can't leave it."

The crow agreed. The swallow brought out the food, gave it to her.

"So what's your bird?" asked the crow. "I don't know him, how will I know him?"

"Don't be afraid," answered the swallow, "you will recognize him." Look, whichever bird is the best, it's mine!

The crow crowed, got lost; she went to school. It's been a long time - here she is, coming back again. The swallow meets her, asks her:

"Well, what happened, neighbor?" Did he feed my swallow too?

"Oh, little sister swallow, I don't know what to tell you," answered the crow worriedly. "Listen to what happened: I'm going to school, I fed my crow and started looking for your swallow." You told me to look for the best and, what is best, to give him the food. I looked, sister, I looked, I looked at all the birds, but I didn't see anything better than mine. And I thought I gave him your food too.


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