For the first time in the world! Our doctors saved a child with an aneurysm

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Doctors in Pleven discovered the child's illness by chance

Cardiologists saved a 7-year-old child from Pleven. First-born Dimitar had an aneurysm, which is extremely rare in children. The Bulgarian specialists operated on the child using the so-called bloodless method, and a similar case has not been described even in the world medical literature.

In mid-December last year, Mitko complained of abdominal pain. The doctor doesn't see anything worrisome around the stomach, but decides to do a thorough examination. A scanner confirms that Mitko has an aneurysm, or a large enlargement of the artery that supplies blood to one leg, and if it ruptures, the consequences can be fatal.

As a matter of urgency, the child and his family come to Sofia to the national consultant in invasive cardiology. In a team with specialists from the National Cardiology Hospital, the danger was overcome by placing a special stent.

Recently, Mitko is back at school and is catching up on missed lessons.

Source: News7


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