A new project against domestic violence

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In Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo and Sofia, a partner network for security and effective legal is being created protection against domestic violence and gender-based violence. The project is called "United for Justice" and was financed with BGN 79 by the Ministry of Justice.

Within the project, which will last 18 months, seminars will be held - training of 80 magistrates from the court and prosecutor's office, police officers and social services to implement the legislation directed against violence against the person. The first training meeting of a total of four planned will be in September.

During the project will be nmonitored court cases involving victims of domestic violence, in the three judicial regions of the network. The focus of the project will be the development of the program for working with the established abusers of children and women. Among the main tasks will be to ensure effective legal protection for victims of domestic violence.

Domestic violence can be defined as an act of cruelty, humiliation, struggle and prevention. And limiting this phenomenon is very important. Domestic violence is increasingly coming to the surface, people are not afraid to admit its presence in the family.


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