Determination of the term in the pregnant woman

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Every pregnant woman must be notified of the expected date of birth (due date), which is done through the women's consultation. This date orients the doctor not only for the correct use of the maternity leave, but also for the timely sending of the pregnant woman to a maternity hospital in the normal course of the pregnancy.

Duration of pregnancy

A woman's pregnancy lasts 280 days from the first day of her last menstrual period. The term of pregnancy and the date of birth, especially in menstruating women, can be calculated by knowing the date of their last regular period.

Calculation of date of birth

This happens, as from the first day of the last menstruation go back 3 months and add 7 days. For example, if we have a pregnant woman whose first day of last menstruation was June 7th, the calculation of the due date will be as follows: we go back 3 months from this date and get the date March 7th, to which, by adding 7 days, we get the probable date of birth – March 14th. Overdue date of citizens a few days before or after the expected date is quite possible and does not have a particular impact on the mother and the child. However, if the birth is delayed for more than a week, a doctor's advice must be sought, as further waiting may become dangerous for the fetus. The most reliable means of determining the date of birth, especially for women with irregular menstruation, is an early examination. For these reasons already with the appearance of pearly signs of pregnancy it is necessary to seek the help of the women's consultation, where each examination is registered and the state and term of pregnancy are reflected.

Inducing labor

The artificial induction of labor with injections under medical supervision does not hide danger neither for the mother nor for the child, and the fear that appears in such cases is completely unfounded. It is clear what a huge benefit is a menstrual calendar that needs to be filled in every month. Thus, all deviations in the dates of menstruation will be known.

Author: Dr. M. Belcheva



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