Scientists: probiotics have a more powerful effect than antibiotics

probiotic antibiotic

"Can some probiotics have the effect of an antibiotic?" This is the title of an article by the American publication The Wall Street Journal, quoted by In it, dozens of scientists from all over the world talk about the experiments and tests they have done, which prove that probiotics affect diseases, but without harming the body, unlike antibiotics.

Probiotics contain healthy bacteria that restore and support the immune system and can kill pathogens that cause food poisoning and various illnesses, scientists explain.

After long research and months of work, professors from Harvard University discovered ingredients in some foods and juices that can kill a wide variety of harmful bacteria. Scientists are adamant that using probiotics to clear out dangerous bacteria and diseases is a good option for the human organism. According to them, however, it is very important to take probiotics preventively, because in addition to a healing effect, they also have a protective function.

The ability for one bacterium to kill another is nothing new. Foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut and pickles are preserved using lactic acid, which contains some of the beneficial bacteria, says Maria Marko, a professor of microbiology at the University of California.

For a long time, scientists have studied the molecules of bactericides, which are the main ingredient of probiotics. Bactericides, in theory, work like natural antibiotics and protect people, experts say.

After extensive laboratory research, Harvard Medical School microbiologist Andrew Onderdonk discovered the bacterium Lactobacillus bulgaricus, which can cure various types of harmful bacteria and diseases such as salmonella and even the stubborn Escherichia coli bacterium. According to him, it has a striking effect in the treatment of such diseases.

Laboratory tests show good results, such as probiotics, while we still come across probiotics unknown to us, which show a positive result against harmful bacteria, explains Rositsa Tropcheva, who is a professor at Sofia University.

"Lactobacillicus bulgaricus" is a bacteria very similar to those found in many sour milks, explains Kiril Petkov, who is the head of the Probiotic company. The company is Bulgarian and has been exporting its products containing the bacteria to America for several years.

The American publication explains that 40 capsules of the Bulgarian probiotic cost about 30 dollars. In America, probiotics are now also available in restaurants. Recently, even a chain of restaurants - "Juice Press" offers freshly squeezed fruit juices, or the so-called probiotic concentrate smoothies for $2.

Scientists prove the effect of probiotics by giving examples of people who have been cured with them of bacteria that are contained in some raw foods. After a number of laboratory experiments and research, scientists from the Irish University "Corn" proved that bacteriocin kills even bacteria such as listeria, which causes the disease listeriosis. The bacterium develops in the stomach and can be caught even from water.

The studies of the scientists also show that there are also probiotics that heal ulcers, but the trials are still only at the laboratory level.

Other varieties of probiotics treat throat ailments, reports the International Journal of Medicine. It describes a study that tells about an experience made with 82 children with various throat diseases. In those who drank the probiotic for 3 months, the results showed that 90% of their disease was cured.

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