Unmarried parents must make a new claim for child benefit

child benefits

All families who received monthly allowances for raising a child in the period March 1 - July 28, 2015 must visit the social assistance offices on schedule this year and declare whether they meet the new conditions for payment of the funds. By the end of January, social workers must visit those who have been granted assistance since March 1, BNR reported.

Since July 28 last year, the changes in the law on social assistance have been in force, with which the regime for receiving monthly child allowances has been tightened. That is why all families with child allowances granted before this date must receive a new assessment, explained Zoya Popova, chief expert at the Social Assistance Agency. They must declare if there is a change in the circumstances under which these benefits are granted.

"Specifically, it's whether the family lives permanently in the country, as well as the change in the definition of family." According to the changes, parents who live at the same address and are not civilly married are also considered as a family," she explained.

After they visit social services and re-declare the circumstances, a decision will be made as to whether the funds should continue to be received. "They must first visit the Directorate of Social Assistance to declare whether or not there has been a change in circumstances. For those where the change is related to parents living together at the same address, only they submit a new application-declaration with a new assessment, with all the necessary documents," explained Popova.

Child benefits for poor parents are granted for a period of 12 months. According to Zoya Popova, for January, there are about 54 of these families, which must, in principle, renew their applications-declarations. In order for there to be no crowding and for the assessment to be made on schedule by the end of February, the social assistance directorates must visit parents with family allowances from April 1 and May 1 last year. And until March 31 – those to whom the money was allocated after June 1 and July 1.

Information and declarations will not be submitted only by families of children with disabilities and foster parents.

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