Parents will submit child benefit claims on a timetable

child benefits

The Social Welfare Agency has set a timetable for parents to submit applications for this year's monthly child benefit. The first deadline is January 31 (see schedule below).

All parents who filed before 28 July 2015 must submit new declarations to continue receiving family benefits.

The reason is that from this year new regulations are in force, according to one of which the total income of parents who live in a family without marriage will be taken into account, and not just one. In addition, the amount of aid is now determined by the number of children and not by their order. Families with one child will receive BGN 37, with two - BGN 85, and with three - BGN 130.

Those who applied for benefits after the end of July 2015 do not need to submit documents again, because they have already been evaluated according to the new rules.

The schedule is as follows:

1. Until January 31, 2016, individuals and families who have been granted benefits since March 1, 2015 must submit applications;

2. Until February 29, 2016 – the persons and families who were granted benefits from April 1 and from May 1, 2015;

3. Until March 31, 2016 – for individuals and families who have been granted benefits since June 1 and July 1, 2015.

Parents living without a civil marriage should submit a new application - a declaration with all the necessary documents, reminds the Social Assistance Agency. They are obliged to notify the relevant "Social Assistance" directorate in writing of all changes to the conditions under which the assistance was granted, including whether the family lives permanently in the country.

Within 30 days of receiving the information, the relevant "Social Assistance" directorate will carry out an inspection, as a result of which it can modify, suspend or terminate the assistance for all or part of the children in the family, the agency specifies.

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