US on track to ban vaccine refusal

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The American Medical Association has voted in favor of legislation banning the refusal of vaccination for non-medical reasons.

225 doctors have announced a mass ban on the refusal of vaccines in the United States, sharply criticizing the neglect of health norms for religious reasons or because of an unargued personal choice, writes the online publication

They are demanding that Washington take urgent measures to punish parents who endanger the lives of their children and public health in general.

The vote in favor of the ban was boosted in part by the outbreak of measles in early December 2014, which started in California and quickly spread to several other US states.

Most of the sick were unvaccinated at that time.

Just a week ago, the Californian authorities announced the adoption of bill SB277, which provides for mandatory immunization for all children in the state, eliminating the possibility for parents to refuse a vaccine for religious or moral reasons, and unvaccinated children will not be allowed to go to school.

American experts hope that this will increase the number of protected children, but many parents fear that this bill deprives them of the fundamental right to choose how to care for their own children.




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