They will be expelled from school for an indecent photo on Facebook

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An indecent photo or video of a classmate or teacher uploaded to Facebook is punishable by expulsion. The online behavior of children is present in more and more school regulations, and in some schools the measures to protect the dignity of students and teachers are strict and uncompromising, writes "Monitor". For example, in the 51st secondary school "Elisaveta Bagryana", there are already two students who were expelled because of their extremely indecent behavior on Facebook, which harmed the dignity of a student and a teacher. Last year, a boy made a collage of one of his classmates by placing her face on a naked stranger's body, then uploaded the photo to Facebook, said the director of the 51st secondary school, Asen Alexandrov.

In the rules of the 20th secondary school, it is also written that the student has no right to publish in the electronic media photos and information about classmates and teachers without their permission, as well as photos and information about himself without the permission of his parents.

Activities for the benefit of the school are also recorded in the school rules. Punishments are provided for delinquent students, such as cleaning desks and walls, painting benches, shoveling snow, removing noise from the yard, arranging books in the library, helping younger children in the classroom, etc. Similar punishments are applied, for example, if a student has been caught smoking or has allowed himself to use a GSM three times during class.

Source: BLITZ


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