The children's version of YouTube has launched

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The popular video-sharing platform YouTube will launch its children's version on February 23, USA Today claims.

This initiative has been talked about for quite some time, with the earliest information coming as far back as March 2014, but Google only confirmed its existence before December of last year.

YouTube for Kids will come in the form of a mobile app that will be free and initially only compatible with Android devices. It will be separate from the main video service and will have a home page with eight options related to the selection of various children's TV programs and other popular and age-appropriate content.

Teens will be able to search for videos using an identical search engine to the normal version of YouTube, but they'll also be able to do so with voice commands. According to Google, this feature should prove to be quite popular as typing is a problem for younger children. The search engine won't be able to detect inappropriate content, and if kids use the word "sex" for example, it will give them a variety of related but safe suggestions to try again.

Although Google has not yet officially announced the launch of the children's version of YouTube, it is expected to happen during the Kidscreen conference next week.




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