World Week for Respect for Birth - PROGRAM by city


For the seventh year in a row, Bulgaria participates in celebrating the World Week for Respect for Childbirth. Events will be held in 5 cities. The theme this year is "Continuous love and support for me and my baby".


Let's ask ourselves how many women there are today who do not talk with horror or unpleasant feelings about the birth of their most intimate child - their child. How often have we heard the words, “Oh, if only I could leave the hospital once!” or “The birth was a nightmare! I felt like I was going to die.”

The story goes that in the past, the woman in labor was always supported by a woman during labor. Today, the reality is quite different - in many countries childbirth is considered a medical event, and the woman giving birth is treated as a patient. Today the baby is not born, it is "taken out" from the mother. The woman does not receive support from a loved one because "we do not have the necessary material base". She does not find support in the face of the medical staff either, even more often the woman is called out for how badly she is doing. Today the birth is just another "product" to be serviced and the subtle soul-emotional side of this great human event has almost melted away.


What does "support" mean for a woman in labor? This is providing emotional support, helping the woman feel more comfortable, providing information and protection. All this improves the physiological side of childbirth, as well as the woman's sense of control and competence, and thus reduces the need for obstetric interventions.


In order to preserve the human face of childbirth, it is necessary to remember that each birth happens only once in the life of the woman, the child and their family, even though it may be just one of hundreds of births for the attendants.







May 22 (Friday) 18:00 class "Yoga practices for relaxation", Yoga studio "Trimurti", 12 "Ioan Exarch" street, Varna

For information and registration: phone 0889 306 731

presenter: Velislava Slavova – yoga teacher and mother of 2

for contact:, tel. 0899 818 779


admission: free/donation




May 28 (Thursday)


18:30 p.m. "Happy mother = happy child" training, Capitol Hotel, 40 Petko Karavelov St., Varna


presenters: Irina Valcheva-Krasteva - personal development coach and mother

Maggie Angelova – psychologist


With advance registration at:,, tel. 0884 022 122


entrance: BGN 20




May 30 (Saturday)


10:30 a.m. Creative cafe, vegetarian-fish restaurant "Jasmin Tea House", 26 "Petko Karavelov" street, Varna

presenter: Yana Mitseva - consultant on carrying the baby in a sling and mother of 3 children

for contact:, phone 0893 427 142

admission: free / donation




04 June (Thursday)

18:30 p.m. "Me, my beloved and our baby - how to preserve Love and passion after birth?", Yoga Studio "Trimurti", 12 "Yoan Exarch" Street, Varna


presenter: Irina Valcheva-Krasteva - personal development coach, white dance teacher and mother


for contact:,, phone 0884 022 122


admission: free / donation




11 June (Thursday)


17:30 p.m. "Baby and mother in one after birth: The contact", Center for Family Counseling and Mediation "Reason and Heart", 20A Pirin St., Varna

host: Iva Vasileva – psychologist and family mediator

for contact:,, phone 0879 68 48 26


admission: free / donation



June 17 (Wednesday)

17:00 p.m. "The doula - long-term care and support for me and my baby", Yoga Studio "Trimurti", 12 "Yoan Exarch" Street, Varna

presenters: Maria Hristova and Milena Dyankova – doulas, childbirth instructors and mothers x2

for contact: phone: 0888 864 973, 0889 306 731

admission: free / donation





20–21.06.2015 (Saturday and Sunday)


from 10:30 - Club-library "Videlina", 27 "Tsar Simeon I" street, 2nd floor, 6th floor, Varna

Film weekend dedicated to childbirth

Screening of documentaries

"Giving Birth With Pleasure — The Best Kept Secret" — June 20

A documentary that reveals the unknown side of childbirth - the possibility that it can be a pleasant, safe and fulfilling experience. It challenges viewers to reexamine what they know about birth and its potential. It brings us up close with 11 couples who share their fears, excitement, searches and preparations, and witnesses the strength and power they find within themselves to deliver their babies in a gentle, loving and enjoyable way. This is a movie that inspires women to believe in themselves. A film that changed the attitude of many fathers in Bulgaria and convinced them to be by the mother's side at this moment.


"Microbirth" - June 21

A documentary that breaks down the latest scientific research into the microscopic events during or immediately after birth. In addition to the appearance of a new human being, another crucial event occurs that is not visible to the naked eye. But it could determine the health of the baby for its entire life. This is seeding the baby with the microbiome – all the microbes and their genes and genomes that live in and on the human body. Scientists are finding that interfering with the natural processes of birth, or skipping it altogether, can have devastating consequences for the long-term health of our children.


organizers: Alliance of Bulgarian Midwives and Parents for Parents Foundation


for contact:,, phone: 0888 579 749, 0899 430 120


entrance: BGN 4



Veliko Tarnovo


Happy Mums Center, 23 Marno Pole St., 5th floor


May 19 (Tuesday)


16:00 Emotional support group for parents of premature babies - see the event here:


For information, phone: 0887 704 786, 0988 918 176 or email:


17:15 Fitball for pregnant women with Desi



May 21 (Thursday)


10:30 a.m. Yoga for pregnant women with Tanya


17:30 Training "Mother-in-law or mother-in-law...Understanding the relationships that limit us" - details and registration here:



May 22 (Friday)


10:30 a.m. Training "For an easy and positive birth" with Dani Decheva - midwife and master of psychology

The places in the group are filled.

18:00 "Microbirth" - movie

Microbirth is a new 60-minute documentary that looks at birth in a whole new way - through the lens of a microscope and explores the latest scientific research into the microscopic events that occur during or immediately after birth.

Fee: BGN 3.

Details about the film can be seen here:



May 21 (Thursday)


10:30 a.m. Lecture on the topic "First care for the newborn in the hospital and at home", organized by the "Parents" School, place: MamaCita Bistro, Vasil Levski Street No. 4, phone 0887 999 987



May 20 (Wednesday)

10:00 a.m. Lecture on "The baby - how it adapts to the new living conditions, peculiarities", organized by "Parents" School; "Este" hall, "Borisova" street, No. 44B, floor 3 /above the Casino/, phone: 0887 999 987



May 23, Saturday

15:00 p.m. Free photo session for future and current mothers, at the Natural Ideas Center, Moskovska St. No. 27B with photography studio phoTOof YOU.

At the same time, there will also be a discussion on "Support during childbirth".


For more information:



Until May 31 (Sunday), you can send your stories and reflections on the topic "Support during my birth" to e-mail The most successful stories will be published on the website, and the winner will receive a gift - an elastic sling from Natural Ideas, color of choice.





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