First grader

7 poems about the first day of school


The first day of school (Elin Pelin) Summer passed, autumn came, morning greeted the world with a smile. The school bell calls the children, shouts and laughter can be heard outside. Cheerful children rush through the streets and their little hearts beat joyfully. And [look more]

How to teach children to do their homework?


Homework is an integral part of the learning process for children attending school. However, some parents find it very difficult to motivate their child to do their homework, and this is especially true for mothers and fathers of [look more]

Signs that your child has a 'school fear'


More and more children are feeling anxious when they have to go back to their classrooms after the summer holidays. The trend also covers many first-graders who are crossing the threshold of the school for the first time. [look more]
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