a bedtime story

Hard, Soft and Sladushka (TALE)


Tvardushka, Mekushka and Sladushka Bulgarian folk tale A grandmother went to the forest to collect firewood. A hungry wolf met her there and said to her in an angry voice: "Grandma, I will eat you!" I'm very hungry! "Whoa, son, don't let me." [look more]

Jack and the Beanstalk (English Folktale)


Long, long ago, when the world was young and people did whatever they wanted because everything was good, there lived a boy named Jack. His father was in bed, and his mother, a good soul, worked from early dawn until late at night [look more]

The Fox and the Crow (FAIRY TALE)


the fox and the crow fairy tale The crow found a lump of cheese somewhere and landed on a tree to eat. The fox saw her, came under the tree and began to cry: - Crow, little crow, little sister, how beautiful you are! [look more]

"Plums for garbage" - a Bulgarian folk tale


A peasant had a son. When he was old enough to marry, his father began to think how to marry him to a good girl, so that they would understand and love each other. He thought, thought and finally thought. Loaded a cart with plums and [look more]

Tvardushka, Mekushka and Sladushka (Bulgarian folk tale)


Grandma went to the forest for dogwoods. Won't you - Metzana met her. Grandma climbed the dogwood, and Metsana growled under the dogwood: - Grandma, come down! I will eat you! - Don't, grandma! Don't eat me! I'm a big girl. Come home tonight. I have three granddaughters. Three [look more]
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