A Parable of Fate and the Three Sisters


Once upon a time there were three sisters. One was lazy. The second - evil as a viper. And the third one was smart, beautiful, and hard-working - you can't help but like her. One morning a cart stopped at their door. The sisters came out [look more]

Parable of the real mother


Somewhere far away, in an Indian tribe, a young woman gave birth to a baby boy. Except she was in love with a man from another tribe. She gathered courage and decided to follow this man, to fight for her happiness with him at any cost. One night [look more]

A parable about an old mother and her love for her son


One son had a rather old and sick mother and he had neither the desire nor the time to take care of her. So he decided to send her to a nursing home. After a while, he received a call from home and was told that his mother was in serious condition and did not have much time left. [look more]

Grandma's Letter (FABLE)


A little boy watched his grandmother write a letter. At one time she was asked: - What are you writing, grandmother? A story about us? Are you writing for me? The grandmother stopped writing and answered him: - Yes, I am actually writing for you, but more important than words [look more]

Happy children need a happy mother (PARABLE)


There once lived a poor Jewish family. Lots of kids, little money. The poor mother could not lift her head from work, she did not stop - she cooked, cleaned, washed, shouted at the children, dispensed justice and complained about [look more]

A parable about the secret of eternal happiness


Once happiness was walking through the forest and carelessly fell into a pit covered with branches and leaves. Sit down and cry. A person passed by. Happiness shouted from the pit: - Good man, help me out! - What do you want me to do? [look more]
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