Attachment parenting

Parenthood in the first six months


During the first months of life, a baby is a helpless bundle that cannot even hold its own head upright and cannot control its body movements. It is totally dependent on your parents. When everything [look more]

The magic of mother's words


A mother's words - they can do so many things... To heal, to inspire, to encourage and with the same power to hurt and offend. We do not even suspect what weapon we have in the cultivation of [look more]

Child education from 0 to 2 years of age


How well do we respond every time the baby is restless and when the time comes to teach the child to be independent and follow rules? Is the baby cuddled at an early age spoiled or on the contrary - [look more]

The mother's hug and its meaning for the baby


I recently got into a taxi with my 5 month old baby. It turned out the driver had a baby the same age and we got chatting. He told me that his baby cries often and hardly sleeps during the day. "We only hug him in the end [look more]