A parent beats a child

"I'll slap my child because he's mine!"


"Fight builds. Slaps are educational. I was beaten as a child and I became a man, and now.. only Ligliov people on the streets". For years these notions have found their adherents, but recently they have become a mantra, [look more]

Slaps and the child's brain - what's going on?


One of the automatic responses of many parents to unwanted behavior is to spank. We know that there are all kinds of parents, all kinds of children, and all kinds of situations that require discipline. And we certainly understand that anger [look more]

Slap parenting? No thanks!


  Last summer I was with my three-year-old son on vacation on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. He loves playing in the sand and has once again taken to making castles. He was joined by another child, about two years old. [look more]