The magic words to express our love for our child

love, child, words, Roditel.bgOften parents believe that what they do for their children is more important than what they say to them. Of course, deeds are also important, but little ones are not always able to decipher our feelings and thoughts through actions alone. That is why we should not spare them the words to show them how much we love them. And love - it is the basis for creating calm, confident and happy children. Here are some magic expressions that can help with this:

I love you!

Proud of you!

I believe you will make it.

Miss you

I trust you

I look forward to seeing you

You are a good child

I'm happy to have you!

Don't be afraid, I'm with you.

I see you tried

I enjoy spending time together.

I support you.

Thanks for helping me.

I'm glad you told me the truth

I'm interested in your activities

You make me smile.

I think about you every day.

Even when I tell you you're wrong, I'm still on your side.


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