The pro-vaccine debate is heating up

Pediatricians want to share vaccine responsibility with parents

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"Stop Compulsory Vaccination" proclaims an international protest today. Organized on social networks, the online protest covers Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia and Croatia.

The Bulgarian patient organizations supporting him appealed on the air of Nova TV to create a national program to compensate children injured by vaccines, reported According to the patient organizations, there should be an individual approach to each child, before vaccinations, checking what the health indicators of each child are, as well as what hereditary health burdens there are.

The idea was also supported by general practitioner, who pointed out that he has seen many children with poor reactions to vaccines and he does not want to bear all the responsibility for this himself, but to share it with the parents, who have made an informed choice.

This doctor does not deserve to have a degree, if he comes to take an exam at my place, I will break him, said the head of the infectious diseases hospital Assoc. Atanas Mangarov, defending the thesis in favor of mandatory vaccination.

A person cannot be vaccinated by force, but everyone should be told that if they don't get vaccinated, they can get a disease. The system cannot tolerate a huge amount of people who are ready to harm their children in order to receive social benefits, argued the medic.


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