How parents make their children self-centered

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Children whose parents have told them they are special are more likely to become self-centered, suggests new research into the causes of extreme selfishness.

The study, commissioned by the American magazine Guardian, was conducted among 565 children, examined for a year and a half, together with their parents.

Children whose parents described them as "more special than other children" or as "deserving of more things in life" often scored higher on tests of narcissism and self-centeredness than other children who were not raised this way.

The research also looked at how parents overestimate their children, agreeing with statements such as "My child is an example that other children can follow".

"Kids believe when their parents tell them they're special"
, said study co-author Prof. Brad Bushman of Ohio State University.

"This may not be good for them or for society," he adds.

The warm attitude and the encouragement may be a far better strategy for dealing with the child, experts believe.

Children who reported being loved by their parents were more likely to show self-esteem, but not narcissism. They did not see themselves as more special, but agreed with the statement that they were happy and liked themselves the way they were.

"People with self-esteem believe they are as good as others, not better than them," Bushman states.


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