They do not pay the 100 BGN benefits for children not admitted to kindergarten

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An unissued order of the Ministry of Finance under a regulation under the Family Child Benefit Act makes it impossible to implement a text from 2009, according to which families whose children cannot be placed in municipal kindergartens are entitled to a monthly allowance of 100 BGN

In this regard, the ombudsman Konstantin Penchev sent a recommendation to the Minister of Finance to fulfill his obligations, writes

 "Unfortunately, although the provision has been in force since 01.04.2009/XNUMX/XNUMX, such assistance is still not being paid. One of the reasons for this is that the regulation provided for in the law on the procedure for receiving and spending the benefits has not yet been issued by the Minister of Finance. explained Penchev.

However, the arrival of new complaints to the institution of the ombudsman shows that, despite the efforts made, the problem of the shortage of places in the budget-subsidized childcare facilities has not been overcome.

According to the parents, the only option is to place their children in childcare facilities - privately owned, but the amount required for this is prohibitive for them. "I find that it is for this reason that it is particularly important to create conditions for the application of Art. 10b of the Law on Family Benefits for Children. I would like to emphasize the social importance of the services provided by childcare facilities. According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, States Parties to this document must take appropriate measures to ensure that the children of working parents have the right to use the services for children and the childcare facilities that have been established for their upbringingKonstantin Penchev is emphatic. We remind you that only in Sofia 12 thousand children were left without a place. The most significant is the problem with nursery groups - according to the municipality's data, about 6100 children under the age of 3 are without a place in state kindergartens. And for the bigger ones, the number is 1700.

In response to the question posed by the National Ombudsman Konstantin Penchev regarding the implementation of Art. 10b of the Law on family allowances for children, the Ministry of Finance states that there are provisions in this law that were applicable for 2009, and the following years, due to the budget deficit and the economic crisis around the world, the Ministry of Finance could not allocate money.


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