5 ideas for family Christmas games

Christmas family

1. Hot-cold

This game is very fun for kids. For this purpose, you can make small packets of goodies in which you can put a cheerful wish. Hide them in different parts of the house, then start the hot-cold game. The child has to find where the gifts are with the help of your instructions - the closer it is, the warmer it is and vice versa.


2. Nut game

This is an old traditional game that is typical for some parts of Bulgaria. It's called "Double Tech" and it's usually played on Christmas Eve. You need walnuts, which are distributed equally among the participants - for example, 30 pieces per participant. The goal is to outwit the others. When one of the players is in order, the one on his left must guess what number of nuts he has hidden in his hands - a pair (even) or a check (odd). The number of nuts depends on you - it can be just one or three for example if you bet on a deck. This is your bet. If the participant who has to guess guesses, he takes your nuts. If he doesn't guess, he must give you the corresponding number of walnuts from his own. The player whose nuts run out is out. The winner is the one who manages to take the walnuts from the others.


3. Christmas table

Each participant has a sheet in front of him, divided into several columns, which are dedicated to different Christmas categories - Christmas food, Christmas decorations, Christmas carols, Christmas movies or whatever else comes to mind. After the "Start" signal, within a certain time (for example, 3 minutes), everyone must write in the separate columns what they thought of. Then everyone read their answers. If the other participants do not have a duplicate with any of your words, you win a point. The one with the most points wins. You can also play in teams.


4. Pass the Christmas balloon

Blow up a balloon on which you can draw something or write a fun Christmas wish. The goal of the game is for everyone to pass the balloon to the participant next to them, without, however, grabbing it with their hands and without the balloon falling to the ground. To make an idea easier for the little ones, don't inflate the balloon too much.


5. Christmas Musical Chair

Arrange in a circle chairs that are one less than the number of participants in the game. Play Christmas music and give a start, after which the players should start moving in a circle around the chairs. The moment you stop the music, each of them must sit on a chair. The one who fails is out of the game. One chair is removed and the game continues until there are two players left and one wins.

We wish you a fun, smiling and warm Christmas!

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