To my son…

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Good night, my son, sleep peacefully and sweetly,
let every dream of yours be a colorful rainbow!
I will tell you a short story
and I'll gently take your little hand

You're still young, you don't know yet
the world is filled with endless paths
and each leads you to new paths,
to colorful roads - not always easy.

You will meet a variety of characters on them,
insults, questions, hopes, lies,
but all these, my dear, are lessons,
which you will learn through laughter and tears.

You will meet treachery, meanness and envy,
but you learned to be human
forgive - do not return with unnecessary hatred,
for with good the way becomes easier.

Love carefully, keep your fire,
it goes out easily when it rains,
there are many sparks along the way,
but not all flames, not all burns.

Do not worship foreign idols,
do not give in to greed and vulgarity,
don't be afraid of steep hills,
the moors are steep and harden the soul!

Remember that by your side I will be even,
when it's hard, when it hurts,
and I will always pray strongly to God
to have luck, health, strength and will!

Good night my son, I kiss you now
and quietly I'll watch tonight over your sleep,
and tomorrow I'll do it again
May laughter and comfort fill your day!

Author: Asya Georgieva


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