Children with a message to drivers: 'Drive carefully'

Children with a message to drivers. The director of the National Children's Palace talks about this initiative Tatiana Doseva. Together with the traffic police and the Union of motorists, the "Messages of the autumn leaf" campaign is taking place.

"The children decided that on the eve of the autumn-winter season, the attention of both drivers and pedestrians should somehow be paid to the fact that with the fall of fog, with icing, we should all be more vigilant on the road." says Doseva.

In order to attract the attention of the adults, the children decided to write their messages on small pieces of paper, to which they attached a dried leaf fallen from the trees.

The children have chosen the traffic light on the capital's Konstantin Velichkov boulevard, where they can convey their messages to the drivers. "The reactions of the drivers are very different - from smiling, showing interest to closing the windows saying that they don't give money for anything," says Tatyana Doseva.



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