A father turns his daughter's nursery into a real fairy tale

Every little girl loves fairy tales about magic, princesses and strange places. But is it possible to bring this fairy-tale atmosphere at home? A father of a six-year-old daughter from Florida proves that it is completely achievable. To create this impressive project, he spends 18 months in which he painstakingly takes care of every detail and transforms his little girl's room into a real magic.

Initially, the room is like any other and looks like this:

fairy tale nursery1

18 months later the room looks like this:

fairy tale nursery2

The father, who is an artist and video game animator, begins his work with drawings on the walls

fairy tale nursery3

  He even enrolled in specialized courses to help him learn the skills to build the scaffolding for the tree in the roomfairy tale nursery5

After about 120 hours of work, the tree scaffolding is ready and a special wire surface is placed on it

fairy tale nursery6

The tree and branches are lined with a special texture that makes them look like the real thing

fairy tale nursery7

The talented dad has experience painting miniatures since he was a teenager and uses this technique when painting on wood.

fairy tale nursery8

Christmas lights are used, which turn into stars, peeking out from behind the decorative branches and leaves

fairy tale nursery9

A fairy tale room and a happy girl. 18 months of work is worth it

fairy tale nursery10


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