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Easter is one of the most beautiful and revered Christian holidays. We all know about the traditions associated with dyeing eggs, making kozunaci, going to church... However, this holiday is also connected with many other traditions and beliefs that were more familiar at the time of our grandmothers. Here are some of them:

1. On the night before Easter, bring water from a well or pour it directly from the faucet in the kitchen. Sprinkle the room with this water and especially carefully - kids room. In this way, sins, bad thoughts and evils are banished.

2. All love beliefs are believed to be true on Easter. If you want marriage or love, wish it hard on Easter.

2. A child born during Holy Week, and especially if born on Easter, will be lucky in any endeavor and will not complain of lack of good health.

3. Young women who have not yet received a marriage proposal should say the following words a few minutes before Easter: Resurrection of Christ! Send me a man to make me happy!

4. If you break a glass or plate on Easter, it is a good sign an omen. If your lower lip itches, expect new love.

5. It is believed that no noise should be made on the night before Easter. Otherwise, it will attract all the evil and negative energies to your home.

6. For forty whole days after Easter, Orthodox Christians greet each other with the greeting Christ is Risen! , and the answer is Truly Risen! Easter itself is celebrated for seven whole days, that is, the whole week, and that is why it is called Bright Easter Week.

7. Even if you don't love a person, if right on Easter he asks you for a favor or your old friend with whom you had a quarrel tries to ask for your forgiveness, put aside your prejudices and be good Christians.


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