A parable about family happiness

happy family

Two different families lived next door. Some quarreled all day long, while others had silence and mutual understanding.

One day, filled with envy, because of the peace and tranquility of the neighbors, the woman from the first family said to her husband:

- Go to the neighbors and find out - what and how they do it, that everything goes well with them.

The man listened to his wife. He approached the neighbor's house, hid behind the bush by the fence and looked through the window to see what was happening in their home. Then he saw that the woman was washing the floor in the corridor, something caught her attention, she threw the rag and rushed to the kitchen. Just now her husband came home. He opened the door to get in, but he didn't see the bucket with the water, he bumped it, it turned and the whole corridor became full of water. The woman heard the noise, returned to the corridor and, seeing what had happened, began to apologize to her husband:

"I'm sorry dear, I'm sorry!" Forgive me, it's my fault...

- No, my dear, it's my fault! You forgive me...

The man was upset by what he saw and heard at his neighbors and returned home with his head bowed and forehead down. His wife was waiting for him and started at the door:

– What happened, did you manage to see anything?

- Yes... - answered the man sadly.

- So what, tell me? - impatiently asked the woman to find out what the secret of family happiness is.

- I understood everything - the man said - everyone is RIGHT with us, and everyone is GUILTY with them!

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