The 9 types of grandmothers and their characteristics

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1. The grandmother where everything is allowed

This grandmother is a favorite of the grandchildren, but at the same time it can annoy the parents to the limit. With her, what is forbidden with mom is allowed, and it is all due to her inability to say "No". A bunch of otherwise unacceptable things can happen with this type of grandma, like jumping on the couch, eating right before bed, snacking on jelly beans, and indulging every whim.


2. The grandmother "Three layers of clothes"

"Mitkooo, come let me put your vest on, you're going to catch a cold!" If you hear calls of this type from a grandmother, she probably belongs to this group. For her, it is important that the child is dressed in several layers of clothes, no matter if it is the middle of August. The fear of a cold haunts this type of grandmother like a living devil, and no one is able to dissuade her that tempering is actually something useful.


3. The "Second Mother" grandmother

This type of grandmother can throw you off balance, especially if you're a new parent. Her desire to step into the role of mother and explain to you "how things happen" is so annoying that you need a solid dose of patience or... a glass of wine. You will most likely hear this type of grandmother speaking to her grandchild like a mother, "Come on, mom, let's go" or "Mommy's baby." You have no choice but to accept and repeat to yourself "this too shall pass".


4. The Busy Grandma

She, on the other hand, is always "busy" and that's exactly when you ask her to look after the child or help you with something. The busy grandmother doesn't seem to be too fond of raising grandchildren, but this may all be due to fear that she won't be able to cope or that things will go wrong.


5. The grandmother "The grandchild is hungry"

Well, this grandmother is a true culinary fakir, but more importantly, according to her, the child still hasn't been milked and is always hungry. You'll see her running around the room with a spoon in her hand, chasing the kids who want, don't want, have to have another bite. The good news is that this grandmother will never cook mediocre food and everything will be made with a lot of love, albeit in unnecessary quantities.


6. The modern grandmother

We shouldn't call her "grandmother" at all. She prefers to be called by her first name, and various clichés that belong to the other categories are not at all to her taste. She is active, broad-minded, dressed in a modern way and would not at all follow various outdated "grandmother" rules for raising grandchildren.


7. Screaming Grandma

This granny is so loud in her screams that you can hear her from miles away. And it's not because she's an extremely nervous and hot-tempered person, she's just already at a total impasse after her grandchildren have gone to her head.


8. The funny grandma

A fun-loving grandma can't help but be loved by her grandchildren, male or female. For her, games and fun are the number one goal and she will happily crawl on the floor, play checkers and participate in activities that many find childish and unnatural.


9. The sporty grandmother

This grandmother has no fatigue, you know! She's up early for a run in the park, and then she's ready for a hike in the mountains. If your child is with her, she will certainly not stay at home, babysit or be idle. She will include it in her sports activities, and it will be not only fun, but also a useful activity.


Well, dear grandmothers - I hope none of you are offended, because our goal was to cheer you up. We know what an invaluable help you are to us ever-busy and hectic parents. And let's not forget that, after a while, today's mothers will have taken a leading place in one of the mentioned categories of "grandmothers" and without realizing it, they will start repeating what they didn't quite like before 🙂 .

Author: RODITEL magazine,

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