The social minister offers flexible working hours for mothers

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"I am pushing for the introduction of flexible working hours and easing the commitments of working mothers". This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labor and Social Policy Ivaylo Kalfin during the first of the series of European debates on the topic "Women in Management", reported.

Kalfin explained that regardless of all the legislative initiatives to be implemented by the end of this year, one of his priorities is to create mechanism to improve flexibility within the working day or working week.

"This will give more opportunities to working people and will definitely benefit working mothers, who will be able to more freely and easily balance work and family," explained the minister.

The upcoming voucher and hourly pay system were presented by the minister. "This mechanism could give more opportunities to deal with women's commitments.

The options of voucher hourly pay for childcare, domestic services, cleaning or specifying domestic domestic help will facilitate households and could relieve working mothers and women. I hope that by the middle of the year we will be ready with a legislative initiative in this direction", said Ivaylo Kalfin.



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