The new criteria for admission to the first class, first grade

Apart from teachers' children, teachers' grandchildren will also be given priority in first grade admission. This is clear from the announced criteria for the selection of the youngest students in the 35th secondary school "Dobri Voynikov". It is written in them that children and grandchildren of teachers and employees of the school will receive 30 points each, with which they will participate in the final ranking, writes the Monitor.

Children attending kindergartens in the school area, will receive 10 or 5 points depending on the degree of proximity.

In most metropolitan schools, children whose home is closest to the school will have the greatest weight in the ranking.

A permanent address in the neighborhood will also give an advantage.
From this year, more metropolitan schools will accept online applications for first grade admission. One of them is the 125th "Prof. Boyan Penev". The school management even offers parents who do not have access to the Internet to submit applications online from the school library. The first school in Sofia to introduce online submission of documents last year is 31st SUCHEM, also known as the Bastille. The entire application procedure, which saves the queues in front of the school's offices, takes no more than 10 minutes.

Some of the educational institutions accept applications as early as February, and others from the beginning of the month. Already in the first days of enrollment, the elite schools accepted about 200 applications. The deadline for submitting documents is May 29. The names of the children admitted to the first classification will become clear on June 3. There will be 10 first-graders in the capital and there will be places for everyone.


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