The vaccine scandal is growing - and the other vaccine from Turkey is not allowed in our country

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The vaccine scandal is growing after an investigation by Frog News found that 100 Euvax hepatitis B vaccines were imported from Turkey and contained an unacceptable amount of mercury. They are absolutely prohibited for use throughout Europe because of the danger of serious and incurable diseases.
Another journalistic investigation by Valya Ahchieva, broadcast on the BNT show "Otkrito" shows that newborn children are massively immunized with a vaccine that is not authorized for use in Bulgaria. It is about 100 doses of the Pentaxim pentavalent vaccine, for which Health Minister Petar Moskov assured that everything is fine with it and mothers can be completely calm.

A check of the documents related to the importation of Pentaxima shows that this is not the case at all. According to the BNT investigation, the "Pentaxim" vaccine, which is administered at the moment, is not authorized for use not only in Bulgaria, but also in the entire EU. The pentavalent vaccine is designed to fight against five diseases - diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, poliomyelitis and the causative agent of meningitis. The raw materials are made in France and transported to Turkey, where they are cut under unclear conditions, which according to European requirements must be very high. One of them is the dustiness of the air, for example.

The show states that in order to be marketed in Europe, after being cut, they must be tested again in a Western laboratory. It turns out, however, that the Medicines Executive Agency has given permission to import only one of the components for this vaccine, namely for meningitis. This means that the other 4 components entered our country without the mandatory permission for this. They are already being applied to our children. The most curious follows. The Ministry of Health requested the approval in question with the IAL three months after the import had already been carried out. The agency refuses to issue such a permit.

The investigation points to at least 4 serious violations on the part of the Ministry of Health, such as the fact that the ministry does not have the right to import vaccines, because by law this can be done by individuals and legal entities registered as traders. Customs itself has also broken the law by releasing unauthorized drugs into the country. Valya Akhchieva's attempts to reach Petar Moskov hit a snag. Rushing and visibly flustered by the questions, he explained that everything was fine.

At this point, Moskov refuses to answer Frog's questions about hepatitis B vaccines with mercury. He succinctly explains in some media that the facts presented about vaccines were attacks against the coalition and black PR. The fate of the dangerous vaccines remains unclear to this day. By law, they must be destroyed or taken out of the country. There is no information that either was done. None of those in power bother to say why dangerous vaccines for children were imported to our country and what they were going to be used for. An interesting detail is that against the dangerous and unauthorized vaccines imported from Turkey, we have provided our southern neighbor with those, but against tuberculosis or also known as BCG. Was there a danger to our national security, was the state financially damaged by this exchange of vaccines, who is to blame for this, the government of the state is strangely silent.



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