7 things every man should do for the mother of his child

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Here are 7 things men should remember to do for the mothers of their children - because motherhood isn't really a vacation, or a "vacation" even though it's called one. And because after giving birth, women need more than ever support and to feel attractive, respected and valued.

1. Compliment her

Even if your significant other has a mashed potato stain on her blouse or dark circles under her eyes after another sleepless night, find a way to show your child's mother that you still think she's awesome. This is very important for women who have gone through a huge physical change after giving birth, often associated with weight gain and raging hormones.

2. Show that you appreciate her efforts

If the things your child's mother does during the day while you're at the office seem insignificant to you, it's time to change your views. Don't ask the question "but why is the whole floor littered with balls, carts and plasticine", instead, show empathy and support "You must be very tired today, I will clean for you".

3. Cancel it in baby and child care

If the baby is small, even an hour of cancellation would be of great benefit to any new mother. Don't wait for your wife to ask you for this help, instead offer to take care of the baby while she sleeps or takes time for herself.

4. Stop claiming that washing dishes and running the washing machine are "women's work"

Long gone are the days when it is almost shameful for men to get involved in housework or consider this or that activity to be a "female" duty. Therefore, familiarize yourself with what the buttons on the washing machine are for and take the initiative.

5. Talk to her, ask her how she feels

As much as men do not like talking, this is a way to improve relations in the family. Share how your day went, even if nothing too exciting happened, and always ask how your significant other is feeling.

6. Initiate shared activities and entertainment

After the appearance of the children, the fun does not end, it just takes on a different appearance. You must be asking yourself, "What fun can we have when the baby is crying or the older child is parroting the same thing 82 times?". There is always a way, as long as there is a will - bet on what is pleasant for everyone and be proactive.

7. Don't forget the small gestures

You know, we women always need a little attention, even if it comes from a small gesture. Don't wait for the anniversary to come and the reminder in your phone to remind you that you should buy a flower. Instead, show your partner that you respect and value them - this helps the relationship to be preserved and become a healthy family.


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